When you need to test durability.

Exposure Services

Testing programs may need to simulate product usage, or conform with with national, international, corporate or other specifications. Whatever the project, our 40 years of experience and expertise in materials’ testing is available to help meet your testing requirements.

Allunga Exposure Laboratory is an accredited laboratory with the Australian National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) — which gives world-recognised accreditation — and maintains operational quality systems that exceed the international requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

Our staff are always ready to discuss exposure and durability testing requirements with you.

Popular exposure options

These include:

Read more about these options at left.

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Special-purpose exposure

Allunga also operates three separate special-purpose exposure sites in tropical northern Australia :

  • Mould/Biocide evaluation exposure site near Tully, in a high- rainfall, high-humidity, tropical environment.
  • Corrosion/Marine/Littoral exposure site on the shore of the Coral Sea at Halifax Bay 60km north of Townsville
  • Arid Tropical site near Hughenden in north-western Queensland, characterised by low-rainfall, low-humidity, high-radiation, high temperature variation climate.